Welcome to Aakar Public School: "A place of holistic learning where education meets with human values"
Welcome to Aakar Public School

Aakar Public School is located on a 5-acre plot, on a scenic campus, about 2.5 kilometres from Shivpuri Link Road. It enjoys salubrious climate and a serene environment free from all distractions. It is a secular, co-educational, day boarding/Residential school dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Whether in the field of academics, sports, arts or music, we believe that every child has inherent talents that we strive to unearth and foster through individual attention. Due emphasis is also placed on the holistic all-round development and socialization of future global citizens.

Our Philosophy


“To develop in each child the love for learning and ability to nurture family members, friends, and self, the aptitude to engage in critical thinking and to demonstrate absolute mastery of the academic building blocks indispensable for a successful future.


Aakar's mission is to create a learning environment conducive to nurturing the learners and the educators to be creative, capable, compassionate and equanimous citizens of character